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Download this fix, and replace XIGNCODE_GP folder in game client.

File download - https://c9online.to/data/XIGNCODE_GP.zip


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Зарабатывайте вместе с нами.
От всех игроков, которых вы пригласите по своей реферальной ссылке, вы будете получать 20% донатов реальными деньгами каждый месяц.
Те менеджеры, которые будут в топ 3 по приглашениям в своих регионах, смогут принимать решения по улучшению игрового процесса и дальнейшему развитию игры.
1) Минимальное кол-во приглашенных от 50 человек
2) Обычная реферальная система не будет действовать (10% игровой валюты)

从您通过推荐链接邀请的所有玩家,每月将收到 20% 的现金。
那些通过邀 请进入其所在地区前三名的玩家将能够做出改进游戏玩法和进一步开发游戏的决定。

우리와 함께 돈을 법시다!
추천 링크를 통해 초대한 모든 플레이어로부터 매월 20%의 현금을 받게 됩니다.
해당 서버의 상위 3명의 플레이어에 진입하도록 초대받은 사람들은 게임 플레이를 개선하고 게임을 더욱 발전시키기 위한 결정을 내릴 수 있습니다.

Earn with...

Launcher update errors

Open beta ONLINE

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Dear players!
We are glad to inform you that the general test server of the game Continent Of The Ninth was opened!

- stable game updates
- High rates on the server
- Stable work of administration and server
- Low prices in store

Beta test plan:
- Add more languages for the game
- Correct all possible errors
- Edit class balance if necessary
- Audience collection and promotions

# Monster exp rate: 1000%
# Stage exp rate: 1000%
# Drop rate: 300%
# Enchant rate: 300%
# Charm enchant rate: 100%
# Rune enchant rate: 100%
# Holy statue enchant rate: 100%

How to get to OBT?
1. Download the game from this link - | Google | Yandex | Baidu (bkv8)
2. Unpack the archive of the game (Attention, the antivirus can delete some of the files, it is...

We looking for community managers!

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Open beta will start soon and we looking for community managers!

If you:
  1. 18+
  2. Have excellent knowledge of the game
  3. You are good at communicating with other people
  4. Know how to use discord,vk,facebook,qq and etc
  5. Desire to work and help players every day
  6. Can help with promote our server
Then send your applications in the form in messages to administrator

Application form:
  • Your name
  • How long you play in C9
  • Your languages (Chinese, English, Russian and etc)
  • Your others knowledge (advertising, translations, programming and etc)

First C9 Online International Private Server - Open beta soon

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Welcome to first C9 Online International Private Server

We have:
stable updates
Best dev team
All client languages
Players support 24\7
And much more

Open Beta start ~ 2-5 days

Follow the news and wait for us!