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Changes rates Sabrina performance

+1 Success 50%​

+2 Success 50%​

+3 Success 50%​

+4 Success 50%​

+5 Success 50%​

+6 Success 40%​

+7 Success 40%​

+8 Success 40%​

+9 Success 30%​

+10 Success 30%​

The item can no longer lower the gain level, only Success and Failed

Add new items Cash shop



For the update to work correctly, you need to place the update file in the folder GameData

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Can we open up top-level equipment synthetic materials and top-level attribute fashion soul costumes? Many new players are not as equipped as old players and cannot surpass them after playing for a long time. We request the opening of top-level synthetic materials and top-level clothing
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You are very biased in management, and the equipment is not updated, so you only give it to a very small number of people. They are very stingy, stingy, very stingy, and not generous at all. It's been two years, and they don't even share beautiful attribute fashion, which is too stingy.
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